Intentional Design for Beautiful Spaces



We strive to design your home for every day living with joy and comfort being the focus.

If home is where the heart is, shouldn't it feel like it has one?

We don't want to fit into a mold, because you don't either! You are unique to your own self so you home should be as well. 

Our approach

In the magic that happens when you mix the old with the new...
That home should be comfortable, cozy and feel very much lived-in.


We will meet with you, to discover and hone in on your personal style for your home. Anything from furniture and decor selection to a full remodel project.

Residential Design

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what we offer

Our Custom Furniture is hand made and customizable to your wants. We work with the best makers to bring true works of art into your home. 

Custom Furniture

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We are in a culture of transforming old homes and breathing new life into them. Visit our showroom, and experience all Fern•ish Home has to offer.

Home Decor & Styling

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Creating a stunning room, one that showcases your signature voice and style, is just as important as the experience. The experience from the initial consult all the way to the end result of every time you enter that room.

The experience of stimulating all the senses, it tells a story. Your story. We’re here to make that happen, we’re here to bring the romance back to the design of your home. 

Our take on why good design matters

Let's make your house a home. Together.